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    • Get help and learn how to sustain your business.
    • Learn how to fish, where to sell the fish and how to gain more money
    • Free health tips on living a balanced and healthy life.
    • Help with unemployment, finding a job, and building your CV.
    • Help your child with homework, find the right school for your child.
    • Tips on crop and livestock farming, as well as agricultural financing.
    • Good citizenship means that you honour and value your country in such a way that you are prepared to risk all for its survival.

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In Karachuonyo, Young people are the largest resource in development. Forty percent of the Karachuonyo population is under 20-35 years of age and good percentages are between the ages of 15 and 25. Young people who are given early access to information and communications technologies tend to become early adopters and adapters of the technologies, […]
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